About the Clinic

Lynne Flood Naturopath Mangere Bridge, South Auckland,  operates from her Natural Medicine Clinic located at her home at 11 Ashcroft Avenue, Mangere Bridge, Auckland.

About Lynne

I have two grown up daughters and three young grandchildren. I became involved with naturopathy when my second daughter was a baby. She failed to thrive and only weighed 12lb at twelve months of age. She was always wheezy, was then diagnosed with bronchiolitis and given lots of asthma medications to no avail. She was even so congested, she stopped breathing. She got sick all the time and didn’t put on any weight from 6-12 months. A friend recommended I saw a naturopath and within three weeks of that visit, her chest was clear, she was putting on weight, with little dimples appearing and for the first time ever, she looked well. What had we done? We had changed her diet!

This began our journey. We changed our diet and we avoided all food additives, colourings and preservatives and purchased organic fruit, vegetables and meat. I especially have avoided non-organic chicken because of the additives growing as much of our own fruit and vegetables as we can. After many years of using and recommending natural remedies, I gained my Naturopathic Diploma in 2002 and have been in professional practice now for fourteen plus years. I know first hand how identifying food allergies (by doing a hair test) and changing the diet can dramatically improve health and well-being for everybody.  I have found this to be true for myself and I enjoy tramping and travel.