QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis

What is QRA?

Lynne Flood Naturopath, Titirangi and now located at Mangere Bridge, South Auckland, is a qualified QRA Practitioner. QRA or Quantum Reflex Analysis, is a university-proven, advanced form of kinesiology, using medically accepted reflex points, to find out what is happening in the underlying organs and glands.

It is a little like acupuncture, except that we are using nutritional remedies (not needles) to stimulate the energy flow. By stimulating the energy flow to an area that is out of balance, the body’s healing ability is increased.

QRA gives accurate analysis, accurate treatment and precise dosage. QRA is a simple, safe and profound way of allowing the body to tell us what it needs to heal.

Why choose a QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner?

  • QRA can find the real root cause of illness. Using QRA, I am able to better understand what is happening in your body. I muscle-test the traditional acupressure points (through clothing), to determine the organs and glands that are under stress and determine the remedies they need to heal.
  • QRA precisely identifies the best combinations of nutritional formulas for you
  • QRA can identify the precise dose you need to heal.
  • QRA is invaluable when treating all chronic conditions and conditions that have been unresponsive to other treatment.
  • QRA is useful also when working with patients who are on medications.
  • QRA is useful to monitor client’s progress and to ascertain how to take healing to the next level.

Scars, Trauma, Injuries and Vaccination Sites

  • QRA can identify and clear chronic interference fields. Using QRA, I can find and remove chronic interference fields caused by trauma to the body, scars, surgical pins, dental toxicity etc. These Interference Fields can reflex through the meridian system to distant and unrelated body sites and create symptoms that until now have been unresponsive to treatment. Note that the size of an interference field, eg scar, does not relate to its importance. For example, larger scars are likely to be more troublesome, but a very small scar can also be highly reactive and create symptoms. Note that it is not the scar itself but the reflex area that creates the symptoms.The solution is to mudpack the interference fields so that energy flow is restored correctly and the symptoms experienced, resolve. I have found that mud-packing of scars, vaccination sites and trauma sites can have amazing results with all sorts of conditions. For example, one of my clients had high blood pressure (hypertension) for twenty years. I found that a large abdominal scar was reflexing to his kidneys and disrupting their messages, resulting in continually elevated blood pressure. His blood pressure is now steady in the normal range following QRA treatment with remedies and mud-packing.

Hair Analysis, Auckland, Hair Testing  Auckland- Allergy Testing Auckland- Testing for Food and Environmental Allergies and Intolerances

I find that food allergy is a powerful trigger of inflammation in the body. I recommend a hair analysis, (hair test) to test for food allergies and intolerances. Hair analysis tests a wide variety of foods. It identifies lactose intolerance and tests for food additives such as MSG, Nitrates, Sulphites and food colourings. Hair analysis Titirangi, West Auckland, Mangere Bridge, South Auckland, also tests reactions to environmental triggers such as detergent, washing powder, mould, diesel etc. It also shows the presence of bacteria and candida or fungal overgrowth.

The hair testing West, South and Central Auckland,  precisely identifies the food sensitivities, environmental allergens and infections such as candida or yeast over-growth which are making you ill. I find that by identifying food allergies and avoiding or reducing these allergic triggers, health and well-being is improved dramatically for all ages, from fully breastfed babies who are reacting to inflammatory compounds in mum’s milk, to toddlers, children and adults. The hair testing is convenient, tests intolerances, as well as allergies, is not invasive and is much more comprehensive than the skin prick test.

Could Allergies be making you Unwell:  Hair Analysis, Titirangi, Hair Analysis West Auckland, Hair Analysis South Auckland

There are many symptoms of allergies. Some of these are digestive/stomach pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation, eczema, rashes, asthma, mucous/congestion, sinusitis, hay fever, itchy nose/throat, headaches, migraines, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, poor sleep, fatigue, irritability, mouth ulcers, inability to lose weight, frequent infections eg tonsillitis, dark circles under the eyes

How Can you Be Tested for Allergies? Allergy Testing Titirangi, West Auckland, Allergy Testing South Auckland, Allergy testing Mangere Bridge

To do a Hair Analysis (allergy test Auckland) is simple. I see you for a consultation and collect a small sample of hair and it doesn’t matter if the hair is dyed. Results are available in three weeks and I see you back then for a follow-up, when I fully explain the allergy result and advise you in detail what foods to avoid or reduce and for how long, I advise on what foods will be beneficial for you and prescribe the best treatment for you. I make sure your new diet is balanced and contains the necessary nutrients and is realistic for your lifestyle. You then do appropriate treatment and avoid the trigger foods as best you can for at least three months.

Are hair test results reliable?

The hair test (hair analysis) uses an EAV machine (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll) machine. The EAV machine is used to expose the hair sample to different foods, additives and environmental substances and measures the changes in the electro-magnetic resonance that result. These changes are then given a score which gives you your relative score for sensitivity to those foods or substances. I find the results of the hair analysis (hair testing) are very reliable and accurately pinpoint the foods and environmental substances to which you are allergic.

Testing for Food, Environmental and Chemical Allergies and Intolerances – Allergy testing West Auckland, Allergy testing Titirangi, Allergy Testing Mangere Bridge, South Auckland

There are many conditions that are caused by allergies or intolerances. Symptoms can be delayed, making it hard to know what has caused the adverse reaction. To identify these allergic triggers, I recommend doing a Hair Analysis or hair test. This will accurately identify food, chemical and environmental allergies and intolerances.

Herbal Medicine

As a Medical Herbalist, I find that most conditions will benefit from using herbal medicine. I have a full herbal dispensary in my clinic and I will muscle-test you to find the best herbs for you and formulate your own unique formula. Herbal medicine, given in the correct dose, is a safe and gentle treatment that is free of side effects. If you do not wish to have a herbal tincture, I can use herbal tablets or nutritional supplements. The traditional uses of herbal medicine are now validated by scientific research. It is important when prescribing or taking herbs to be aware of possible herb/drug interactions.

Nutrient Supplementation/Diet/Therapeutic Diets

I am trained to assess your nutritional status and recommend appropriate vitamin and mineral treatments for you. I am trained in nutrition and will recommend an appropriate diet for you, which may be based on your allergy test, or the Blood Group Diet, or Therapeutic Diets such as Gluten Free Diet or Dairy Free Diet etc.

I have a comprehensive range of practitioner-strength natural medicines to address both acute and chronic conditions: Active Elements, Bioceuticals, Biomedica, Biotrace, Eagle, Heel, Medi Herb, MH Enhance, Metagenics, Nutrimedicine, Orthoplex, Pharma Foods, Quest Vitality, Thorne and others.