Selection of my Clients’ Testimonials

I have been to Lynne on several occasions including taking my newborn. I have always found her knowledgeable and spot on with her findings, receiving great results with each visit. My newborn suffered from terrible reflux and with a couple of changes to my diet she came right within weeks. She genuinely cares and wants to sees results, has a lovely welcoming / calming manner and always follows up to see how you are going. I highly recommend Lynne to my friends and familyKN

Lynne Flood has been my Naturopath for the past 7 1/2 years. I first saw Lynne when I was suffering from Diverticulitis and was very unwell at that time.
Over the years I have called on Lynne for a range of health problems that were causing me concern. Lynne has always helped me through with her wonderful knowledge of herbs and vitamins. Lynne is very professional, trustworthy, and caring and if you are looking for a Naturopath who will do her utmost to help you I recommend that you try Lynne Flood.

I came to Lynne after 7 months of suffering from massive breakouts of my face and neck. I had consulted my G.P many times who would run a few tests and tell me nothing was wrong. That was when I came to Lynne who finally assured me that I had a case of gut dysbiosis which I had suspected for a while was causing all my symptoms. She put me on a completely natural medication and 2.5 months in and my skin is finally clearing up! Yes it’s a natural medication and will take time but I am finally getting my confidence back especially since I work in a client facing job and am not one to wear heavy make up. I have recommended Lynne to so many of my friends and family.
Thank you Lynne! RS


Lynne was always professional, friendly and approachable when I met her to help me with my health issues. My health has improved markedly in the last few weeks. I am feeling a million times better. Very grateful for her knowledge and expertise. Thanks Lynne. BS


I have continued to get well for the past 15 months with Lynne Floods amazing help after being very unwell for a couple of years. Lynne has been available, dedicated, supportive, caring and very honest in her care of me. I would not like to think where I would be now without her guidance and persistent help in natural remedies. Having had the hair analysis has made a huge difference in knowing what foods I should be avoiding and eating. Lynne you are AMAZING!!
Thank you. T.



Lynne is an intuitive naturopath who is willing to explore broadly to find solutions. She implements these with confidence and produces results.
Victoria Camplin-Welch Cross-cultural Productions at Victoria Camplin-Welch


Making a visit to Lynne’s clinic set in beautiful, peaceful surroundings with chookies, fruit trees and vegetables is a wonderful energy boost in itself. The bonus is the skill and knowledge Lynne brings to her practice using hair analysis and muscle testing to identify food allergies and intolerances along with herbal support to create a path towards a healthier, energised life.
Margaret Chapman Owner, Magenta Landscapes – design and management


I went to visit Lynne because I have suffered from allergies for a long time. I had been tested for allergies by the doctor which showed the usual dust mites and pollens but it did not test for foods. Lynne suggested that I have a hair test. The hair test showed a number of foods that I was allergic to including potatoes and tomatoes (which I really like) and all types of dairy products.

Prior to visiting Lynne I found that the joints in my hands were often painful and swollen. I thought this was just from getting older and was probably arthritis as both my mother and aunt had the same problem. After removing the foods that Lynne suggested from my diet and taking supplements such as fish oil, I am amazed to find that the swelling in my fingers has just about disappeared.

I am really grateful to Lynne for the help that she provided. I am now a convert and I can recommend Lynne not only to people who have illnesses but also to those who are healthy and wish to remain that way.


I went to see Lynne for both my son and me. My son had been suffering from chronic sinus problems, leading to a nasty cough and asthma-like symptoms. I had a rash that I was struggling to get rid of and didn’t know the cause of. We both did a hair allergy test and, through using herbal mixes from Lynne and reducing foods that we are intolerant to, we are both much better. Lynne is readily available and is very approachable. I am so thrilled to have found her!
Tania, Auckland


S….. is doing really well, her skin is looking amazing we have been getting comments on it from friends. She likes her new diet we were able to change it straight away with no complaint. She is actually eating a lot more than she ever did and has so much more energy – she is like a new child. We are so happy with how it is going and seeing her so full of energy.


A lovely lady who is professional and passionate about her field of Naturopathy. Her advice and treatments have always given great results. All the best Lynne.
Terri Gasparich, Independent Graphic Design Professional


Lynne is very professional and an expert in her field. She has always been able to help when I have needed her services and her advice and treatment has been great.
Tracey Ashton, Director at My Canvas