With fifteen years naturopathic experience, and specialised muscle-testing techniques, I have a number of strategies to accurately assess what is out of balance in your body and what you most need to heal, and to improve your energy, health and wellbeing.

About me


I have used and recommended naturopathy for more than thirty years as I was first introduced to Naturopathy when my second daughter failed to thrive. This was a very difficult time as she only weighed 12lb at twelve months of age and wouldn’t grow and she was very wheezy.  A friend suggested I go see a Naturopath. Thirty-three years ago, this was all new to me.

What is a Registered Naturopath?


I am a Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, registered with Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of N.Z. (Inc.). This body only accepts as members naturopaths who have met their stringent educational standards and committed to continued professional education on a yearly basis.

If you have natural health insurance with Southern Cross or other provider, my membership of NMHNZ (Inc.) entitles you to claim my consultation fees and allergy testing costs.

I qualified as a Naturopath from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2002 and qualified as a QRA Practitioner in 2012.

Getting Help


I often see clients who have self-prescribed and the products they are taking are not beneficial for their bodies, not indicated for their condition, and not compatible together. The products they are taking are of inferior quality and yet expensive.  The products I use are all high quality, safe and free of side effects. 


I focus on natural remedies or alternative medicines and herbal medicines, which will be made into a unique or tailor made formula for you.  I will use natural remedies specific for your needs (compatible with your body).  The consult will include nutritional assessment and advice and a treatment plan and we will identify the underlying causes of your un-wellness and take steps to remedy these so that you can get well. I will advise on healthy diet specific to your needs and lifestyle. 


My holistic approach focuses on education so that you have the knowledge to stay well.

I have been to Lynne on several occasions including taking my newborn. I have always found her knowledgeable and spot on with her findings, receiving great results with each visit. My newborn suffered from terrible reflux and with a couple of changes to my diet she came right within weeks. She genuinely cares and wants to sees results, has a lovely welcoming / calming manner and always follows up to see how you are going. I highly recommend Lynne to my friends and family.


My Approach

I use QRA to assess what your body needs to heal itself, and accurately prescribe herbal medicines and nutritional products specific to you. For best results, we also assess whether interference fields are affecting your health, address other underlying causes such as allergies, toxicity or emotional issues, and improve diet and lifestyle.

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