About Lynne Flood

Lynne Flood

I have used and recommended naturopathy for more than thirty years as I was first introduced to Naturopathy when my second daughter failed to thrive. This was a very difficult time as she only weighed 12lb at twelve months of age and wouldn’t grow and she was very wheezy.  A friend suggested I go see a Naturopath. Thirty-three years ago, this was all new to me.


We changed my daughter’s diet and avoided the foods she was allergic to and within just three weeks she had grown and the asthma had stopped. She had been given every asthma drug and nothing had helped, yet three weeks into a change of diet, and she was clear of asthma and had grown! This began my health journey and we switched to organic foods and cooked from scratch and grew our own fruit and vegetables.


I went on to qualify as a Naturopath in 2003 and I have been in practice since then, in Titirangi, West Auckland and now in Mangere Bridge, South Auckland.   I know first hand that identifying food allergies and changing the diet can dramatically improve health and wellbeing for everybody. 

I am passionate about maintaining my own health and wellbeing and looking and feeling great as I age.