Allergies are powerful triggers of inflammation in the body and cause many symptoms. I recommend doing a Hair Analysis to accurately identify the triggers and guide you on how best to manage them in your diet and environment.


There are many symptoms of allergies. Some of these are digestive/stomach pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation, eczema, rashes, asthma, mucous/congestion, sinusitis, hay fever, itchy nose/throat, headaches, migraines, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, poor sleep, fatigue, irritability, mouth ulcers, inability to lose weight, frequent infections e.g. tonsillitis, dark circles under the eyes

I went to see Lynne for both my son and me. My son had been suffering from chronic sinus problems, leading to a nasty cough and asthma-like symptoms. I had a rash that I was struggling to get rid of and didn’t know the cause of. We both did a hair allergy test and, through using herbal mixes from Lynne and reducing foods that we are intolerant to, we are both much better. Lynne is readily available and is very approachable. I am so thrilled to have found her! 

Tania, Auckland


Asthma is likely to be triggered by food allergy. Clients are often sensitive to environmental substances such as mould or pollens but I find that once the diet is changed to avoid your food allergies, including preservatives such as Sulphur Dioxide, you will better tolerate mould, pollens or cold air etc. The QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis techniques are useful to determine the right remedies to support your lungs.

I was recommended to Lynne by a friend. My son had just come out of hospital after a febrile convulsion, was pale and had no appetite. His eczema and asthma had flared up. I had a hair test done for M to find out his allergies. After the hair test came back, we changed his diet and Lynne prescribed some natural remedies. The day care that he attends commented on what a change they had noticed in him and asked what we were doing differently! His health over the winter has been 100% better. Now, three months later, he is no longer a sickly baby but a healthy, happy little boy. 



Dark circles under the eyes

I often get asked about dark circles under the eyes. Usually the client will have other signs of allergy and I recommend an allergy test and treatment.


Eczema or Dermatitis

Eczema is the most frequent skin condition I see and is common in all ages. I see babies and toddlers with Eczema and recommend a hair test, change of diet and treatment such as Essential Fatty Acids such as Fish oil, Flaxseed oil or Evening Primrose Oil. Often there is candida (fungal overgrowth) and bacterial infection, in which case I prescribe candida and immune drops for children and Candida herbal remedy or tablets for adults, together with appropriate Probiotics.

I am a 16 year old boy who has had eczema for most of my life. I came to see Lynne late last year when it had become really bad – I was seeing a specialist at the hospital as all my lymph nodes were inflamed with the infection, it was horrible. But the doctors just gave me more steroids and antibiotics. My skin was flaking off in large chunks and I was embarrassed to be seen at school. Lynne was very understanding and inspired confidence in me that we could beat the eczema… she didn’t make me feel embarrassed because of my skin. She did some testing and changed my diet, and gave me herbal medicines and tablets. After 3 months my skin is heaps better, and eventually I can tell it will completely heal. I’m so glad we went to see her. 

John E, February 2011


Hay fever or Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis

Hay fever is also caused by allergy and responds well to change of diet and treatment. I usually make a herbal formula for hay fever and recommend an allergy test. Sinusitis will need ongoing antimicrobial treatment to fully resolve.


Hives, Itching and Rashes

Hives, itching and rashes are likely to be allergy related but can have other causes as well and each case is unique.


After about a month of suffering from a maddening itch, I consulted a Private Practice Skin Specialist, who prescribed some cream, which had no effect. I then went to the Hospital Skin Specialist Team, after some Skin Test Patches on my back showed no reaction. I was given more cream with no result! My wife then suggested I consult a Naturopath/Medical Herbalist, Lynne Flood who, after a lot of questions gave me some Herbal medication to work internally and with a change of diet. I am now about 99 % free of itch (I am not a good diet follower!) I thank Lynne for her expertise and recommend her without reserve. 




Hyperactivity can be made worse by food allergy and I would consider modification of diet and supplementation with nutrients such as B Vitamins, zinc, magnesium and fish oils, as well as a herbal formula.


Inability to Concentrate

Inability to concentrate could have a number of causes such as candida and food allergy and the QRA techniques would be useful here. Fish oils improve concentration, as do the herbs Bacopa and Ginkgo.


Inability to lose Weight

Food allergy can be one of many reasons for inability to lose weight. I use the QRA techniques to assess thyroid, adrenal glands and pancreas as it is likely that these organs are out of balance. The thyroid is responsible for all metabolism and it needs to be functioning well for you to lose weight. If you are stressed, it is likely that the adrenal glands will need support too and there are many possible nutrients and herbs to treat adrenal glands. To lose weight, pancreas also needs to be working well. You may need chromium or there could be infection or candida and I would assess this using QRA techniques.


I found Lynne very easy to relate to and she was able to help me with my health problems, discovering the types of food I shouldn’t eat, which in turn has enabled me to lose weight more easily and has also stopped my bloated feeling. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who needs help with overcoming health problems and maintaining good health. 

Janet Kerr, Director at Slip Prevention Specialists Ltd



In my experience, Migraines resolve after doing an allergy test. Commonly headache and migraine patients react to dairy, chocolate, red wine and citrus but I recommend getting your hair test done to accurately pinpoint your own sensitivities. You may also respond well to Magnesium as this stops cramps and spasms in the blood vessels, thereby reducing Migraines and Headaches.


It was not unusual for me to wake up with a headache which would occasionally develop into a full on migraine leaving me totally debilitated for a whole day and feeling washed out the following day. If I was lucky I could control the headache with traditional medication, meaning I was taking far too many Panadol, Panadeine etc. I was not happy with the situation and went to Lynne for a hair test and learned I have a high intolerance to dairy products. I have since all but eliminated these from my diet and have not even had so much as a headache let alone a migraine. Lynne is hugely passionate about improving health and wellness the natural way and has great success in doing so. I highly recommend her. 

Jo, Auckland


Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are often triggered by wheat or gluten but may have other triggers and respond well to dietary changes. Calendula and Myrrh can be applied to the mouth ulcers, if needed.