There are many different causes of low energy, from anaemia to interference fields, and I have many safe, effective treatments to help you.


Candida is a very common cause of fatigue or low energy and often not diagnosed.  Candida is fungal overgrowth caused largely by antibiotics, causing foggy head, poor memory and concentration, low mood and low energy.  After a candida protocol, you will feel much better.


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be treated successfully but it will take time. It responds well to Minerals, B Vitamins, Magnesium and Herbal medicine and ERT. The QRA techniques are invaluable here too. You are also likely to need immune support. Sometimes Fibromyalgia presents with Chronic Fatigue and I have various treatments for this.


Fatigue or Low Energy

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints that I hear from clients and there are many possible reasons for fatigue. You could be low in iron (anaemic), or you could be suffering from candida or poor sleep etc and this would be assessed in a consult. Again, the QRA techniques will be fabulous here to help identify the reasons for your fatigue and to identify the correct energy and adrenal remedies that you need. I commonly prescribe liquid B Vitamins (Max B), Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) and a herbal formula containing adrenal herbs but each case of fatigue is unique.


I first went to Lynne Flood at Health Wise, feeling lethargic, bloated and gaining weight. After a consult Lynne hooked me up with the right products and eating better. I now feel energetic, my skin is great and what’s best is that I am losing weight naturally. You have made a world of difference for me. Thanks hugely.

Rachael, Auckland.


Lynne was always professional, friendly and approachable when I met her to help me with my health issues. My health has improved markedly in the last few weeks. I am feeling a million times better. Very grateful for her knowledge and expertise. Thanks Lynne. 



Hypothyroid, Low Thyroid, Hashimoto’s Disease

Hypothyroid is very common amongst women aged 35-50yrs. The thyroid is responsible for all metabolism and when it under-functions, weight increases and cannot be reduced and you will feel tired and possibly depressed. I can identify low thyroid function with QRA testing and provide you with treatment to support the thyroid, improve energy and promote weight loss.