Herbal Medicine

What do herbal medicine practitioners do?

Herbal medicine practitioners can help you to treat and manage a wide range of ailments by applying the correct herbal teas, herbal medicines, and other traditional herbal products.

When you come to me for a consultation, I will perform a muscle test on you to discern which supplements - herbal or otherwise – that you would benefit from. After this test, I will formulate a unique mixture so as to best treat your herbal deficiencies.

These deficiencies and the ailments they cause can be treated in a number of ways. The best course of action changes from person to person and I will work with you to design the best course of treatment.

What is traditional Chinese herbal medicine?

Ancient herbal medicine is still used widely today, evolved over thousands of years of practice. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses a wide range of care – herbal treatments, acupuncture, exercise, massage, and dietary therapy – which share a common route in ancient Chinese practice.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other medico-spiritual systems from Asia, the body contains vital energy called qi. When the body is healthy and functioning in harmony and balance qi can flow easily through the body. However, when the qi cannot flow easily the body can develop disease and discomfort.

Yin and Yang are opposite but identical factors, and thus need to be balanced perfectly. The five vital elements correspond to particular organs and tissues in the body. Through using herbal remedies, we can equalize imbalances in the body to help improve the health of those particular organs and tissues as well as overall comfort and wellness.

Using herbal medicine.

The use of herbal medicine in the correct doses and in the correct way can produce positive effects, not just in the case of specific ailments but also overall health, vitality, and emotional wellbeing.

The use of herbal medicine should be a gentle and comforting practice in your life, with overall positive effects. If you prefer not to use a tincture, we can use tablets, capsules, or nutritional supplements to achieve the same or similar results.

It may also benefit you to undertake other gentle healing techniques. These could include things like gentle exercise – stretching and breathing exercises, other therapeutic treatments, or a balanced therapeutic diet can all support and enhance the effect of herbal medicine in the body.

I already take conventional medicine - herbal medicine ok as well?

When looking to add herbal remedies to your regime, it is important that your herbal preparations do not interact or conflict with other medications you take. Well trained medical herbalists will always take into account your other drugs - herbal supplement regimes need careful planning!