Don’t suffer. I can help you with hormonal issues.


Endometriosis improves when sugar is removed from the diet. I have found that most clients with Endometriosis have candida and benefit from an anti-candida diet and candida treatment, as well as nutrients such as pure Vitamin E, Magnesium and Fish Oils and herbs for pain, if needed.


Menopausal Hot Flushes

I often see clients suffering with Menopausal Hot Flushes. I usually make a herbal formula to support adrenal glands, liver and improve energy, with the addition of B Vitamins or Magnesium, as needed. I expect hot flushes to have resolved within four to six weeks on herbal medicine. You can then reduce your dose and take on a more occasional basis. If you have taken extensive adrenal tonics, with no improvement, there may be an interference field affecting adrenal glands and I would assess this in clinic.


Painful or heavy periods

If you suffer from painful or heavy periods, dietary changes will help, especially avoiding or reducing sugar. The nutrient I recommend is Magnesium and I like to prescribe a herbal formula or tablets to alleviate the pain. You could have a candida infection and I have found a candida treatment and avoidance of sugar, vastly improves period pain.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome will be improved by herbal medicine, best prescribed on an individual basis, nutritional supplements such as Zinc, Chromium or Fish oils, improved diet, especially a low carbohydrate diet and lifestyle changes.


Premenstrual Tension PMT

If you suffer from PMT or Premenstrual Tension and become “a witch” at that time of the month, please work on your diet! Reduce your sugar and increase your complex carbohydrates such as porridge and include nuts and seeds and more fruit and vegetables and protein. Avoid the junk food. You could also benefit from B vitamins and magnesium, chromium and herbal formula or a candida treatment will have you feeling better.