The QRA techniques can help us identify how best to improve immunity

Bladder infections, Urinary Tract Infections

Chronic bladder infections could be triggered by food allergy and there is likely to be candida overgrowth or bacterial infection. Appropriate treatment could be treatment of infection, whether bacterial or fungal, Probiotics and a urinary herbal formula.



I occasionally see cases of boils. These respond to dietary improvement, zinc and immune support such as Echinacea or immune/lymphatic formula and probiotics. You may need candida treatment.



Winter always sees a few cases of bronchitis and chest infections. If you seek help early, Bronchitis will respond well to herbal medicine.



Candida is fungal overgrowth caused by antibiotics.  It causes many symptoms such as fatigue, foggy head, poor concentration, low mood, irritability and digestive problems such as diarrhoea, nausea etc. Naturopathic treatment of candida is an anti-candida diet, herbal medicine and Probiotics. Candida often underlies all other illness and causes a vast array of symptoms. After a candida treatment, you will feel much better.


I suffered with cysts in my armpits for two years. I had lost faith in doctors and their medicine as nothing worked. I have taken many antibiotics and they have left my body in worse condition. Lynne has helped me turn this around. After a session with Lynne my body began to repair better than ever. Her confidence in me is a strength I really needed. Depression was a major factor when I met Lynne. Physically and mentally I have bounced back. I was even scheduled for an operation and this has been cancelled! I have no idea how I would have coped without Lynne these last few months. I can only thank her for caring. She is my angel. 


Coughs, Colds and Flu

Coughs, colds and flu respond well to herbal medicine. I also use Allicidin (garlic capsules) and find they work well in high doses for stubborn coughs such as Whooping Cough.


Frequent Infections

If you are suffering from frequent infections, natural therapies can help.  Often infections underlie chronic conditions such as auto-immune conditions and arthritis and you will get improvement once the infection is treated.  Also see Candida. Sometimes, people don’t feel well and blood tests appear normal, but my QRA testing will show infection is present.