I want a naturopath near me!

Good! It is a fantastic thing to ‘have a naturopath near me’ because you can make appointments with your naturopath and meet with them in person. This can be beneficial because many of the tests that help a naturopath diagnose the imbalances that are causing your physical symptoms to need to be done in person.

What if I cannot find a naturopath near me?

It is always a good idea to prioritise getting the best naturopath, my practice is easily accessed with good public transit links from central Auckland and only 20 minutes by car. So, whether you want a naturopath west Auckland, a naturopath east Auckland, or a naturopath Auckland north shore – choose the one who is best suited to you and your needs.

While the best treatment can be administered in person, a lot of useful information and discussion can happen over video and voice chat.

What if I need a teleconference consultation with my naturopath?

Many aspects of naturopath therapy – both in the diagnostic phase and the treatment phases – need to be done in person. However, I am happy to provide phone and Zoom consultations for those who might be too far away to travel or have other concerns about an ‘in person’ meeting.

In particular, your nutritional status, suggestions for vitamin and mineral treatments, as well as various healthy diets can be discussed long-distance. Whereas allergy tests conducted with an EAV machine need a hair sample that needs to be collected in person. During your first no strings attached free consultation, over the phone or email, we can discuss what parts of your treatment can be conducted long-distance and which aspects would be most beneficial delivered in person.


Why is having a naturopath near me in Auckland important?

There are a few extra ‘city reasons’ to have a naturopath Auckland NZ – city living comes with inherent health risks which can build up over time. City living risks can be as simple and obvious as daily exposure to pollution, but they can come from more unexpected area of your life too. When you work and live in a city you are more likely to be stressed, eat a nutrient poor diet in favour of convenient fast food or cheap low-quality ingredients, and potentially ignore physical symptoms of allergies because you think they are “normal”.

Do you regularly get headaches? Feel anxious? Have chronic low energy? Or maybe you suffer from frequent infections? No matter how ‘common’ these ailments may be amongst city workers they certainly are not normal. Many of these ailments and symptoms can be a result of nutritional imbalances, underlying health concerns, or potentially as a result of unknown allergens. Finding an Auckland naturopath can help you diagnose what is really going on with your health and help you manage a treatment plan to get your body back on track.

Your Naturopath Mangere Bridge

I am your naturopath, not merely a faceless consultant you may see only once. My dedication to naturopathy started over thirty years ago when my second daughter encountered health problems as a. By changing my diet her symptoms cleared up unbelievably quickly. Since 2003 I have been a qualified and practicing naturopath in Titirangi, West Auckland and now in Mangere Bridge – which makes me your naturopath South Auckland!

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