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Auckland Natural Treatment of Eczema – Dermatitis

Skin conditions such as Eczema or Dermatitis are embarrassing for the sufferer, as they are so visible and confidence and self-esteem are affected. They can be painful, itchy and unsightly and patients just want them gone. They are however, a challenge of complexity for me to treat as I need to identify and treat the cause or causes. This is not always easy as people want to feel better now, not later. They have often been under hospital specialists for years and tried a lot of self-medication. By the time I see skin patients, they may not be patient! I have now been in practice fifteen years and have gained considerable experience in the treatment of skin troubles. I recommend as a first step, Hair Analysis (hair test) to identify the food and environmental allergies and intolerances. There are many possible food allergies that trigger eczema such as wheat, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, citrus, sugar, MSG and kiwifruit. There are also environmental triggers such as dust mites, feathers, detergent, washing powder, mould, candida (fungal over-growth/candidiasis) and bacteria and the hair test will clarify which of these we need to deal with and focus on. I frequently treat candida (yeast overgrowth) and bacterial overgrowth, when treating eczema and this makes a positive difference. Where the skin is very dry, patients will benefit from essential fatty acids as fish oils, flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil.

Naturopathic Treatment of Children and Toddlers with Eczema

I provide natural treatments and herbal medicine for children and toddlers with eczema. I also see fully breast fed babies with eczema. They are reacting to inflammatory compounds coming through in the breast milk from mum and I recommend a hair test for baby (as long as they have enough hair) then mum changes her diet to avoid those trigger foods. Once mum has changed her diet, baby’s eczema generally improves within 2-3 weeks.

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