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Candida or Fungal Overgrowth - Tired and Bloated?

Candida or fungal over-growth (yeast overgrowth, candidiasis) frequently occurs following antibiotics. When the good bugs are killed off, candida or yeast can overgrow causing a vast array of symptoms that go unrecognized by patients and their doctors. Candida affects all ages from babies, children to adults and treatment will vary depending on age. If you are feeling tired, moody, foggy headed, with poor concentration, with sore muscles, diarrhoea, nausea, bloating, PMT, sinus congestion and more, this may be caused by candida. Most cases of eczema I have seen have candida and/or bacterial overgrowth, along with food allergy. My treatment for candida varies for each individual. For children or babies I might use drops. For adults I often use Garlic capsules and sometimes I use an anti-fungal herbal formula. We then do gut healing and probiotics. These would all be muscle tested, ie checked to see if they are right for your body. I would usually recommend some dietary changes, although not necessarily the whole anti-fungal diet.


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