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Coronavirus - Boost Immunity

With all the viruses floating around, now, before winter, is the perfect time to make sure that your immune system is at its best and ready to take on whatever it encounters.

I have many products designed to support the immune system.  You can choose from drops, liquid tinctures or capsules. One key product for supporting respiratory health is Biotrace Hyssop Immune.  This will support the respiratory system with hyssop, oregano, cat’s claw and anise. This is full of antioxidants and also supports digestion.

Garlic is one of nature’s best antimicrobials and has long been used to boost immunity and kill infections. I use Bio Allicin which is a high dose and powerful garlic extract that enhances immunity.

For many people, zinc is also a good option to improve immunity as it is commonly low in the diet. Zinc has many benefits such as supporting the gut and skin, preventing or healing acne, but it is also vital for immune function.  People are commonly deficient in zinc and children and adolescents are especially likely to be deficient.  Biotrace Organic Zinc is kid friendly, natural, plant based and contains no nasty chemicals.

If you want to boost immunity it is hard to go past Vitamin C. I suggest Biotrace Phyto C which is derived from Amla berries and not made in a lab, it is organic and is safe for kids to take.

If you would like to order these, or have any questions regarding immunity for you or your family, just drop me an email.


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