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Coronavirus - Boost Immunity before Winter

I am receiving questions from people who are concerned about the Coronavirus and want strategies for boosting immunity for themselves and their families. There is also a lot of anxiety regarding the impact of the virus in New Zealand, its impact on employment and regarding people’s travel plans and the safety of the travel. Our focus needs to be on boosting immunity and supporting the adrenal glands to help cope with stress and anxiety.

To boost immunity I recommend Vitamin C either as a powder (perhaps better for children) or capsules. Phyto C capsules are derived from Amla berries and these are safe and natural. You can add Zinc to this regime. Hyssop Immune is a good respiratory formula in case of actual cold and flu symptoms. I have clients who have Echinacea tincture (Echinacea tablets available also) and Echinaceacombines well with Vitamin C. Don’t forget garlic as this is a strong anti microbial.

Be vigilant with handwashing and use a hand sanitizer for travel.

To support the adrenal glands and alleviate anxiety there are many remedies from B Vitamins and Magnesium to specific adrenal tonics to Bach Flowers and this is highly individual as to what you need.


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