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Do you want Fast Weight Loss that Really Works?

Liberate, hCG Diet, Fast Weight Loss that Really Works

This programme uses the Liberate hCG Drops and a low calorie diet. With this programme, the weight that is lost is almost exclusively fat, and muscle is NOT lost, unlike other very low calorie diets in which muscle tissue is lost and this decreases the body’s caloric requirements so that when the person returns to eating normally, he is consuming an even greater excess of calories which are then stored as fat. This is the ‘yo yo’ diet and why it doesn’t work.

This programme will not be appropriate for you at the first consult. I will need to work with you first to make sure key organs and glands are in balance, eg thyroid, pancreas, digestion before we start the drops. We might need to do a detox first. Bowels must be regular. Your pH level (acidity) needs to be in the right range.

If you have had a C section or other surgery, or damage to tailbone, we will need to check and make sure that these are not acting as interference fields, and stopping you from losing weight.

When we are ready to start the programme, you may also need nutritional support, e.g. magnesium or B Vitamins, probiotcs, omega 3 etc, along with the drops. It is important that we keep the pH in the correct range and bowel movements need to be regular.

You must follow the low calorie diet for the full 23 days.

This is what a recent weight loss client said on 27 July 2017:

“Since having my four children, one of them being a C section, I was unable to lose weight at all, not even a few hundred grams. Very frustrated, I tried everything, diets, exercise, shakes, I went to the doctor who just said diet and exercise. Nothing worked. About to give up and resolve that I would never get back into my size 10 jeans, then I happened across Lynne Flood on Google. I took a leap of faith and in a last ditch effort, I visited Lynne, who is incredible. She took an approach to my health and wellbeing that I believe has woken up my system. In a matter of a couple of weeks I have lost 7.5kgs! A way to go yet.. but its happening .. finally, after 15 years of struggling, I know I will be back in those Jeans this summer. Thank you Lynne”. DS


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