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Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy for Mood, Behaviour, Memory, Sleep and Mental Health

Updated: Mar 3

I have been doing training on Natural Neurochemistry learning about circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake cycle. Sleep is crucial for mental health and all wellbeing. There are different stages of sleep and if you spring awake or wake between 1am-3am etc, these show different issues. The REM sleep is at the end of the cycle. This is when you dream vividly and you usually remember these. The Non-REM sleep is the deep sleep which is needed to consolidate the memories of the day and link these with the past. If you don’t have this deep sleep, you are likely to have poor memory and be disconnected. I have learnt about testing of neurotransmitters and how to distinguish between different patient needs. In Narcolepsy, patients go straight into REM sleep and don’t have the deep sleep.

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