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How to prevent ear infections, otitis media or glue ear in babies and children

Frequent ear infections (otitis media) and glue ear in babies and children may be signs of allergy. To prevent ear infections, and prevent the need for grommets, I recommend doing an allergy test (hair test) and herbal medicine. For a breast-fed baby with ear infections, Mum needs to take the allergic foods out of her diet. It also helps to raise the head of the cot or bed. Cranial osteopathy helps too, promoting better drainage. These children often mouth breathe because their passages are congested, have poor sleep, colic, tonsillitis, swollen adenoids, asthma or eczema. These are all signs of allergy which will be resolved once you have identified the allergies and changed the diet. This will avoid the need for grommets, avoid the need to remove tonsils or adenoids and will undoubtedly improve health and well-being.


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