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Natural Treatment of Hot Flushes

Hot flushes, Night sweats, Power surges – whatever you call them, they are undoubtedly the most troublesome symptom of menopause. Hot flushes can range from a mild flushing or feelings of warmth which do not cause sweating, to moderate flushing which may bother you at work or while sleeping but does not interfere too much with life. Severe flushing will interfere with your sleep, leaving you exhausted and interfere with your ability to function at work and in your daily life.

Natural treatment for hot flushes includes your own individual herbal formula to reduce hot flushes by supporting the adrenal glands, energy, stress and liver. Your treatment could also include magnesium. I find herbal medicine for hot flushes takes about four weeks to give you the improvement you want. Naturopathic treatment for hot flushes is very safe and very effective, unlike HRT which is proven to be unsafe.

Dietary improvements will help prevent hot flushes. I recommend eating a diet of with 50% raw foods and a protein supplement to balance blood sugars. Good foods to include are broccoli, kelp, salmon, sardines and fish. Consume small to moderate quantities of meat and dairy products (avoid if you are allergic to dairy). Include soybeans, soy milk, miso and flax seeds. You are best to limit/avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar, spicy foods and hot soups and drinks.


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