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Naturopath Auckland, Allergy Testing (Hair Analysis) Auckland

Are you looking for a Naturopath to do Allergy Testing (Hair Analysis) Auckland? Are you or your children suffering from allergies? Lynne Flood Naturopath previously of Titirangi and now in Mangere Bridge South Auckland, recommends Allergy Testing (hair analysis), as it provides a natural solution to your health issues. There are many different signs and symptoms of allergy. Some of the common complaints are digestive complaints such as bloating, flatulence, bowel pain and discomfort, diarrhoea or constipation. People commonly complain of mucous problems, whether sinus problems, hay fever or chronic cough. Allergies can frequently cause headaches and migraines. Allergy testing will reveal the list of triggers. All skin conditions will improve after an allergy test (hair analysis) has identified the food and environmental allergies and intolerances. There are also unusual cases such as the girl whose lips swelled or the young woman whose eyes swelled every time she went to her parents’ house. All the above conditions respond well to hair analysis and identification of the allergies or intolerances and herbal medicine. Clients frequently report losing weight easily, improved energy, mood, digestion and more.


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