Raise your mug to healthier living

We all respect and appreciate transparency and authenticity right now. Finding palatable and straight forward solutions to real issues that we are all dealing with will be a godsend for many and I am on a mission to uncomplicate the process and help you begin a path towards being a person who is more centered, grounded and healthier.

I’m going to look at some familiar and some not so common herbal concoctions that can be used as a means to ease anxiety; to put a damper on those unyielding feelings of panic, shame and disorientation that can stop you from seeing the clear path ahead. 

Before you are some extremely simple measures you can do at home to start this journey. I trust you will see some significant results just through your own intention and you can be inspired to continue this adventure with me. 

I offer bespoke services upon understanding your unique position. This is a duty of care that goes beyond traditional methods and allows you to connect with nature as you process your intimate feelings and move through stages of anxiety, stress and panic. 

Can it really be as easy as a simple cup of tea? I honestly do think so.

Your morning cuppa.

The way in which we drink our hot bevvie in the morning can actually do a lot for our emotional wellbeing. Take a look back during some stressful situations. When under pressure, might you be guilty of attacking a coffee with the presence of a starved wolf? Do you gulp at your drink in an effort to get through the moment as quickly as possible, as if it itself had caused you some personal grievance?

By making a conscious effort to set an intention and create an atmosphere of peace around drinking herbs for your health, you are setting your body up for a more positive experience where it is more receptive to the healing energy and compounds that are available.

What are some easily accessible herbs to ease anxiety?

Lemon Balm has always been a go-to herb for me during times of stress. The uplifting scent carries notes of light and hope and allows one to feel more readily able to breathe in the day and the challenges it can bring. 

I even enjoy making juice from the herb after steeping the herbs in distilled water overnight, then adding honey and lemon for a pick-me-up/calm-me-down lemonade. This is a great way to introduce children to herbs as well, as many don’t enjoy hot drinks.

The presence of rosmarinic acid in combination with other available compounds may be the secret behind the effectiveness of Lemon Balm. Promising results following rigorous and reputable scientific research are plentiful.

Other herbs that contain rosmarinic acid include basil, rosemary, sage and thyme. These culinary herbs can all be found to ease unwanted feelings associated with anxiety or stress. Even small doses found in flavouring your meals or in a herbal tea can produce desirable calming effects physically.

The powers in plants are immense. By preparing yourself to be more receptive and becoming more in tune with the ebb and flow of the natural world that is constantly embracing us, you can harness these powers and bring about positive changes to your physical and mental state.


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