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Sick last winter? Antibiotics? - Boost Immunity before winter

70% of immunity is in the gut. You may think it is in the blood. I certainly used to think that. But your immunity centres on the health of the digestive system. It's true that the Bowel is King. If you have had antibiotics recently, and by that I mean, in the last few years and especially in the last twelve months, your bowel flora will be disrupted and you are likely to have larger numbers of less desirable organisms including overgrowth of yeast or fungi. This is called dysbiosis (bad bugs) and leads to the development of all sorts of conditions from skin disorders such as acne and eczema to irritable bowel and other digestive disorders, the development of food and environmental allergies, hay fever, anxiety, low energy and lowered immunity, to name a few. If this scenario sounds like what you experience, then please see me as I have the solutions and can get you feeling normal again.


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Candida or fungal over-growth (yeast overgrowth, candidiasis) frequently occurs following antibiotics. When the good bugs are killed off, candida or yeast can overgrow causing a vast array of symptom