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Testimonial for Weight loss

“I have had health problems for many years. I’ve been to many naturopaths and chemical poisoning specialists over the years who have only been able to take me ‘so far’. After seeing these people I was still extremely exhausted and fatigued and I knew that something still wasn’t right. I was recommended by a friend to go and see Lynne. I didn’t know that the first visit to Lynne would drastically change my life for the good!

Lynne found out that parts of my body weren’t working correctly (pancreas, thyroid and a kidney). She also found out that I was highly mineral deficient. She suggested that I go gluten free and dairy free plus remove a few other things from my diet. I kept getting acid explosions in the top of my back. I’ve had these for many years. No one could tell me what they were or where they were coming from. However Lynne knew exactly what this was tied to. Once I eliminated the things above from my diet and had some tablets to help heal me, the acid explosions ceased, as well as my fatigue, and my organs started to work properly. Lynne gave me several detox’s in the form of mudpacks on my hands and feet and I felt the results immediately.

I haven’t been able to lose weight for years due to toxins being in my body. However after seeing Lynne a few times, changing my diet and doing the mudpacking I’ve now lost 13 kilos (2 stone) in just 5 months. My exhaustion has gone, I wake up at 5.00am most mornings ready to get into the day when in the past it took me an hour to clear the fuzz in my head and I had to continually drag myself around each day due to lack of energy.

I highly recommend to anyone who has big or small health issues to go and see Lynne as I know she’ll be able to help you.

Thank you for all that you’re doing for me Lynne. I’m so very grateful and thankful that I followed through on the recommendation.” TM (Auckland)

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