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Yeast Overgrowth, Fungal Overgrowth, Candida

If you are feeling ‘like crap’ and don’t know why, it could be yeast overgrowth or candida. I commonly diagnose yeast overgrowth or candida as clients haven’t been diagnosed and haven’t realised their symptoms are caused by candida. There are many possible symptoms of candida, from fatigue, foggy head, muscle aches, bloating, nausea, depression, sinus problems, frequent urination, thrush, poor sleep and more. Candida also underlies many other conditions such as skin disorders eg eczema. Along with candida there are often food allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, perfumes etc. Doing the candida diet will help but you will need treatment to get back to health again. You might need to do an allergy test. I always muscle test to find the right remedies for you.

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