I have considerable experience in treating eczema, rosacea and acne, even those cases that have previously been unresponsive.


Acne can be worse for dairy products and sugar and I recommend a change of diet, allergy test (hair analysis) if necessary, supplemental Zinc, Essential Fatty Acids, such as Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil and a herbal formula. If the Acne is jaw line acne, treatment would also focus on balancing hormones.


I came to Lynne after 7 months of suffering from massive breakouts of my face and neck. I had consulted my G.P many times who would run a few tests and tell me nothing was wrong. That was when I came to Lynne who finally assured me that I had a case of gut dysbiosis which I had suspected for a while was causing all my symptoms. She put me on a completely natural medication and 2.5 months in and my skin is finally clearing up! Yes it’s a natural medication and will take time but I am finally getting my confidence back especially since I work in a client facing job and am not one to wear heavy make up. I have recommended Lynne to so many of my friends and family.

Thank you Lynne! RS


Eczema or Dermatitis

Eczema is the most frequent skin condition I see and is common in all ages. I see babies and toddlers with Eczema and recommend a hair test, change of diet and treatment such as Essential Fatty Acids such as Fish oil, Flaxseed oil or Evening Primrose Oil. Often there is candida (fungal overgrowth) and bacterial infection, in which case I prescribe appropriate immune support. You may need a cream while we wait for the hair test result.


I am a 16 year old boy who has had eczema for most of my life. I came to see Lynne late last year when it had become really bad – I was seeing a specialist at the hospital as all my lymph nodes were inflamed with the infection, it was horrible. But the doctors just gave me more steroids and antibiotics. My skin was flaking off in large chunks and I was embarrassed to be seen at school. Lynne was very understanding and inspired confidence in me that we could beat the eczema… she didn’t make me feel embarrassed because of my skin. She did some testing and changed my diet, and gave me herbal medicines and tablets. After 3 months my skin is heaps better, and eventually I can tell it will completely heal. I’m so glad we went to see her. 

John E, February 2011



Psoriasis responds to your allergy result, nutrients such as Zinc and Essential Fatty Acids and herbal treatments prescribed on an individual basis. It can take several months to fully resolve, depending on severity and each case is unique.


I went to see Lynne Flood regarding my chronic skin condition. I was very unwell when I came to see her. She did an allergy test and used muscle testing to choose my treatment. I have improved with my skin and health. I have lost 20kg over a period of time. Lynne has been great. 




I have treated Rosacea and I recommend an allergy test and dietary changes, Essential Fatty Acids and a herbal formula. It can also have a hormonal aspect.  Each case is unique and the treatment varies. It can take some time to fully resolve.