Herbal Medicine

Options for Therapeutic Diets

One of the most beneficial changes you can make for your overall health and wellness is to take up and implement one of the many therapeutic diets that offer relief from the ailments that affect you.

Allergies are a common cause of ailments and symptoms such as digestive pain, bloating, rashes, asthma, itchy nose, itchy throat, migraines, fatigue, and mouth ulcers – amongst others. Allergies can also be reactions to things that you may not ordinarily think of – you can be allergic to food additives, preservatives, families of vegetables, even certain families of yeast, it isn’t just the ‘well-known allergies’ like gluten, dairy, and nuts. Identifying your allergies and sensitivities can be the first and most beneficial step to designing your unique therapeutic diet to improve your health and happiness.

Are therapeutic diets just taking a dietary supplement?

The answer is no! While supplements - dietary and/or herbal – play a significant role in therapeutic diets, there is a lot more to it.

When designing therapeutic diets your individual preferences must be balanced with your specific needs. Being trained in nutrition, I am able to assess your nutritional status and recommend the appropriate mineral and vitamin supplements as well as discussing the best day to day diet guidelines for you to follow.

What therapeutic diets are there?

There are a great many therapeutic diets out there. These can range from allergen exclusionary diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, or more broad guidelines such as the Blood Group Diet. When discussing your specific needs and the diet that you should follow, we will use a range of tests and questions to determine what food groups you should be favouring and which ones should be avoided.

Part of this will come from an allergy test which is a non-invasive and simple procedure that is safe for babies and children to undertake as well as adults. The allergy test will let us design your diet around your individual sensitivities and allergies.

Allergy testing can be used in conjunction with muscle testing to determine the correct mix of herbal supplementation, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and which foods you should be adding or eliminating to help your body function well and to heal any ailments you may be suffering from. 

What can I do in combination with therapeutic diets?

Physical therapy plays a role in healing the body. By treating your range of herbal preparations as dietary supplements and as therapeutic additions to your healthy diet, combining this with gentle physical movement and overall healthy living – you will enhance the effect of your therapeutic diet and other treatments.