My passion is improving health and wellbeing and healthy ageing!


I have seen many cases of arthritis and each case is unique. I use QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis techniques to determine the best treatment for you.


I went to visit Lynne because I have suffered from allergies for a long time. I had been tested for allergies by the doctor which showed the usual dust mites and pollens but it did not test for foods. Lynne suggested that I have a hair test. The hair test showed a number of foods that I was allergic to including potatoes and tomatoes (which I really like) and all types of dairy products.

Prior to visiting Lynne I found that the joints in my hands were often painful and swollen. I thought this was just from getting older and was probably arthritis as both my mother and aunt had the same problem. After removing the foods that Lynne suggested from my diet and taking supplements such as fish oil, I am amazed to find that the swelling in my fingers has just about disappeared.

I am really grateful to Lynne for the help that she provided. I am now a convert and I can recommend Lynne not only to people who have illnesses but also to those who are healthy and wish to remain that way.


Blood Sugar Problems – Hypoglycaemia

If you crave sweets, are weak or irritable if a meal is missed, get dizzy when standing suddenly, get shaky or suffer from anxiety or nervousness, this may relate to low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia. I will advise you to change your diet to include more complex carbohydrates and protein and reduce sugar or junk food and provide treatment such as extra minerals.


A friend recommended us to Lynne Flood, Naturopath, and we have been very grateful for the referral! Lynne has given excellent nutritional advice and herbal support for chronic depression and hypoglycaemia, which has made an enormous improvement. Prior to consulting Lynne, medical treatment had resulted in severe side effects resulting in hospitalization. It is very gratifying that support can be given to these conditions without using drugs with the attendant side effects. Thank you Lynne. We do not hesitate to recommend you to friends and acquaintances for their health issues.

 JH, Mt Albert


Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint disease and obesity are caused by inflammation. Inflammation is driven by toxins, infections including candida, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, poor glucose metabolism and of course, stress or emotional issues. I will identify and assess your underlying drivers of inflammation and formulate a treatment plan. You may need further testing such as an allergy test or heavy metals testing. You may also need conventional medical blood tests. By removing these drivers of inflammation, together, we can bring about substantial improvement or even cure difficult, chronic conditions that are unresponsive to medical treatment. I find that the QRA Quantum Reflex Analysis techniques are invaluable when dealing with the above chronic diseases.


Lynne has been treating me for about a year now for 2 conditions. I had been to doctors and specialists and had had no luck with a resolve for either, apart from surgery. I was introduced to Lynne by my mother who she had been treating her and I had seen a vast difference in health. Lynne is a very welcoming, honest and trustworthy person. She is very dedicated and passionate about her work and is comes through in her treatment; she follows up on your progress and has shown a great deal of dedication not just to me but my family and friends whom I have recommended her too. I am now clear of one of my conditions which my specialist had advised that I would require surgery for. I know that this may not be the outcome for all cases, but I wanted a natural treatment and Lynne has certainly led towards that. She is continuing treatment for my 2nd condition and although we are not quite there, there has been a huge difference. I highly recommend Lynne if you are looking for a natural treatment, as she is someone who will really research on your behalf and care! 



Detoxification of Heavy Metals

Detoxification is vitally important. By eliminating stored toxins through a detoxification protocol, you will reduce the inflammation in your body. We all carry a large burden of toxins, even children. These toxins can be allergens, and pesticides, food additives, preservatives, heavy metals, diesel fumes and can include toxin exposure from employment such as hairdressing. I have a detoxification programme that improves digestion, balances the good bugs in the bowel, and promotes proper elimination. It also includes repair of the gut lining and supports the liver. Detoxification is the key to bringing about improvement in chronic conditions. If you are fit and well, with no medical conditions, a detox will help you stay well. It is not appropriate to detox during pregnancy or breastfeeding.



I have seen many cases of Gout that have responded well to treatment. The well-known triggers of gout are beer, red wine, mussels, red meat etc. I recommend that if you have avoided the above triggers and this has not made any difference to your gout, that you get an allergy test done as I have found the patients I see have other triggers of gout that are readily identified in the allergy test. I also use minerals or herbal formula to treat gout successfully so that it does not recur.


I was recommended to Lynne by a friend. I had suffered from gout for many months. The pain was excruciating and it did not respond to medication. Lynne did an allergy test and gave me treatment and I changed my diet. I have been pain-free ever since. 



Hypothyroid, Low Thyroid function, Hashimoto’s Disease

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) is very common amongst women aged 35-50yrs. The thyroid gland is responsible for all metabolism and when it under-functions, weight increases and cannot be reduced, no matter what you do. You are also likely to feel tired and depressed. I can identify low thyroid function with QRA testing and provide you with treatment to support the thyroid, improve energy and promote weight loss.  If you are already on thyroid medication, I can still help, but treatment will need to take into account, your medications.


Inability to lose Weight

Where a client is unable to lose weight, after assessing the diet, I use the QRA techniques to assess thyroid, adrenal glands, liver and pancreas as it is likely that these organs are out of balance. The thyroid is responsible for all metabolism and it needs to be functioning well for you to lose weight. If you are stressed, it is likely that the adrenal glands will need support too and there are many possible nutrients and herbs to treat adrenal glands. To lose weight, pancreas also needs to be working well. You may need chromium or there could be infection or candida and I would assess this using QRA techniques.


I found Lynne very easy to relate to and she was able to help me with my health problems, discovering the types of food I shouldn’t eat, which in turn has enabled me to lose weight more easily and has also stopped my bloated feeling. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who needs help with overcoming health problems and maintaining good health.

 Janet Kerr, Director at Slip Prevention Specialists Ltd



Treatment will be unique to every individual. I find the QRA techniques invaluable for identifying the precise treatments needed for arthritis. You may benefit from a Hair Analysis for Food and Environmental Sensitivities.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune condition and is therefore challenging to treat and results take some time to achieve. However, improvements can be gained when you are on the correct remedies for you. It is hard to generalize but I would be assessing all under-lying triggers such as bacteria, allergy, heavy metal toxicity etc and QRA techniques can give precise treatments.


After three weeks on the natural products Lynne prescribed, I have finally got some quality back in my life. I can now walk every day, compared to walking one day and having to rest and recuperate from severe pain. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Lynne.



Weight Loss that Really Works

I have a weight loss and detoxification programme that will address the reasons why you cannot lose weight.

Where a client is unable to lose weight, after assessing the diet, I use the QRA techniques to assess thyroid, adrenal glands, liver and pancreas as it is likely that these organs are out of balance. The thyroid is responsible for all metabolism and it needs to be functioning well for you to lose weight. If you are stressed, it is likely that the adrenal glands will need support and there are many possible nutrients and herbs to treat adrenal glands. To lose weight, pancreas also needs to be working well. You may need chromium or there could be infection or candida and I would assess this by using QRA techniques. Most weight loss patients I see are eating very little. It is more about metabolism, than about your diet. Patients are “apple-shaped”, with weight held around the middle. This is known as Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome and is a precursor to diabetes. Cholesterol and blood sugars may be high and blood pressure may be elevated.


This is what some of my recent clients have to say:


Since having my four children, one of them being a C section, I was unable to lose weight at all, not even a few hundred grams. Very frustrated, I tried everything, diets, excercise, shakes, I went to the doctor who just said diet and excercise.. nothing worked. About to give up and resolve that I would never get back into my size 10 jeans, then I happened across Lynne Flood on Google. I took a leap of faith and in a last ditch effort, I visited Lynne, who is incredible. She took an approach to my health and wellbeing that I believe has woken up my system. In a matter of a couple of weeks I have lost 7.5kgs! A way to go yet.. but its happening .. finally, after 15 years of struggling, I know I will be back in those Jeans this summer. Thank you Lynne.  

DS 27 July 2017


The Liberate Yourself Weight Loss Programme is quite remarkable. I was asked to try it and so I bit the bullet and went on this programme for 6 weeks. Sometimes ignorance is a good thing! This is a very tough programme however it is well worth it. The eating regime is very strict, the fluid intake is very high however if you stick to the programme you will be amazed at what happens.

Yes there were ups and downs, and fluctuations. Yes it was hard, I was very tired and at times off the planet due to lack of calories. Yes I wanted sugary things and lots of other goodies. BUT I stuck to the programme and I now see the results. In the 6 weeks that I was on this programme I lost between 11 and 12kgs. And its come off places that I didn’t realise it would come off.  I’m loving my new shape, how well I feel and all the compliments I am getting from my friends.

TM 11 August 2017.


Wellness and Healthy Ageing

The first step in a Wellness programme is to identify and address any drivers of inflammation. I recommend a QRA Quantum Research Analysis Warrant of Fitness. This programme could include detoxification, identification of food allergies, correction of nutrient deficiencies etc and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. This regime will result in wellness and healthy ageing. This is true preventative medicine and is the strength of naturopathy.

Lynne is passionate about naturopathy. She is constantly up-skilling to bring to the client the best product to suit their particular needs. I find her warm, and approachable with precise techniques to determine my own and my daughter’s unique needs with great results. The products worked their magic. 

Yogasarita Mitchell director at Yoga In Life


Lynne Flood has been my Naturopath for the past 7 1/2 years. I first saw Lynne when I was suffering from Diverticulitis and was very unwell at that time. Over the years I have called on Lynne for a range of health problems that were causing me concern. Lynne has always helped me through with her wonderful knowledge of herbs and vitamins. Lynne is very professional, trustworthy, and caring and if you are looking for a Naturopath who will do her utmost to help you I recommend that you try Lynne Flood.